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Stop trying to track your finances with a spreadsheet and track your goals with our simple system. Perfect anyone who needs a little push to stay on track with their budget.

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Dream trip to Japan

$1,550 / $2,500


Progress towards goal


Amount Left to save


What do you want to save for?

Everyone has a financial goal they want to acheive. Maybe it's paying off student debt or saving for that dream trip. We give you actionable steps towards your financial goals and give you helpful reminders to keep you on track and make your goals a reality.

Helpful Insights

Know exactly how you are doing towards acheiving your goal. Always have a quick snapshot of how you are performing and if you have some wiggle room, or maybe need to save just a bit more.

Ahead / Behind


ahead on your savings goal

Visualize your progress

Sometimes it can be difficult to see your progress visually. We provide useful graphs and charts so you can easily see how well you are doing towards your goal.

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Even thinking about finances can feel overhwleming. We try to make it easy to begin thinking about ways to improve with our calculators. Use our calcuators to get useful insights on possible revenue or becoming financially independent.

Financial Independence Calculator

See the age when you are financially independent and get insights on how to acheive your goals faster.

Run your numbers

Side Hustle Calculator

Run the numbers on how much you could make starting your own side business. See your road to $10K, $100K, and $1MM in profit.

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