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Check Us Out On the Start Over Coder Podcast

start over coder

The team at Financial Toolbelt is very happy to announce that we were recently featured on the Start Over Coder Podcast! We were super excited to see that our tool was featured on their podcast and the site so we can help as many people as possible on their road to FIRE.

Why you should check out the Start Over Coder Podcast

The Start Over Coder podcast is an awesome resource for those of us in the Financial Independence community that are thinking about changing a career to achieve our financial goals faster. It can be a super scary prospect to do any career change and this podcast can be motivating to us that need that push to do something new. Every episode is a new part of the journey from learning to code to landing the first job and all of the ups and downs that come in between.

What we especially like about this podcast is that it is very real. Unlike a lot of other content that makes it sound so simple to just up and quit your job and do something new, we know that isn't the reality for many of us in the community. The podcast has a very realistic outlook on making a huge career change that is very approachable for almost anyone who is looking to make a big career decision.

Make sure to check out the podcast embedded here or this link to the episode itself.