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P/PC Balance - How to Be Effective Over the Short and Long-Run

Coach Carson Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Episode #82 - The story of the goose & the golden eggs provides timeless lessons you can still apply today. The lesson is all about what's called P/PC balance, or …

Mike Winnet: The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed

Young Smart Money | The Stories & Struggles of Successful 6, 7, & 8 Figure Online Entrepreneurs

#196: Today I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Winnet, UK’s number 1 Demotivational speaker. In this episode, Mike exposes the contrepreneur’s formula. By the end of this episode, …

153 | RIP Medical Debt | An Inside Look At Debt Collection And Forgiveness


Medical debt has the power to seriously hurt your financial future. Many Americans are faced with unavoidable medical debt that has crippled their financial situation. RIP Medical Debt is a …

152R | Can I Retire Yet | A Case Study With Early Retirement Now


Big ERN comes on the show today to break down the numbers of Becky’s retirement plan. He works through their real numbers to determine how solid their retirement plan is. …

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