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Life Refelctions And My Goals For 2020

Created by: Route2FI

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do You Want Mentoring On Financial Independence & How To Build A Large Twitter Account? 👇 Become a Patron! 2019 is soon history. The year has …

Chile’s Atacama Desert: Road Trip Across the Driest Place on Earth

Created by: Wanderlust Wendy

At the end of our whirlwind Workaway adventure, we treated ourselves to an epic trip up North in the Atacama Desert. We had decided against Patagonia since we didn’t have …

Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 130

Created by: Four Pillar Freedom

My favorite links from this past week. The post Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 130 appeared first on Four Pillar Freedom.

The Sunday Best (12/15/2019)

Created by: Physician On Fire

The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated from the furthest reaches of the internet for your reading pleasure. Every week, I scan hundreds of headlines, read dozens …

Hacking My Unpaid Maternity Leave

Created by: A Dime Saved

Hacking a Non-Paid Maternity Leave How I am Planning on Mitigating the “Damage” As I am getting closer to giving birth I am doing my best to prepare for when …

A Son Who Doesn’t Love Me, But A Daughter Who Hopefully Will

Created by: Financial Samurai

I don’t think there’s enough support for fathers and stay at home dads. Men also don’t share their issues and feelings as readily as women for some reason. As a …

What Is & Isn’t Worth Your Money At Ulta This Holiday Season, According To A Former Ulta Manager

Created by: The Financial Diet

A glittering utopia of impulse buys, captivating packaging, and the thought that your life could be that much better if you had just one more lipstick. Shopping at Ulta during …

9 Financial Considerations as You Approach the End of Your Career

Created by: Physician On Fire

If you’re rapidly approaching financial independence and are considering an early retirement, you may already be approaching the end of your career. If not, the list that Dr. Dahle came …

I Was Supposed To Find Love When I Was Financially Stable — But The Opposite Happened

Created by: The Financial Diet

At the beginning of the movie The Wedding Planner, there’s a scene in which a wedding guest points out Jennifer Lopez’s character as yet another of her perfectly planned ceremonies …

6 Signs It’s Well Past Time To Start Searching For A New Job

Created by: The Financial Diet

One of the frequent topics for talk among my working friends is deciding when it’s time to change your current job. Up until now, I’ve only changed jobs twice, but …

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