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132 | Downsizing Your Life And Financial Coaching With Lisa Duke

Lisa Duke talks about her mindset shift and turning liabilities to assets. On today's show: Second Home--Asset Or Liability? Action Steps To Renting Out Your Home Getting off the "hedonic ...

131R | Building a Brick in Your Wall

A recap of our conversation with Mr. Money Mustache and Mr. 1500. Plus, Jonathan and Brad answer listener questions about compounding and drawdowns during retirement. For more information, visit the ...

131 | Mr. Money Mustache & Mr. 1500 | Past, Present, Future

Mr. Money Mustache and Mr. 1500 discuss community building and second generation FI. For more information, visit the show notes at

130R | Simplifying The Ultimate Buy And Hold Strategy With M1 Finance

Brad and Jonathan just returned from the world premiere of Playing with FIRE in San Diego. They discuss future showings (visit and then get into the ultimate buy and ...

130 | Paul Merriman | The Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio

Today we talk to Paul Merriman. The goal is to contrast the "Simple Path to Wealth Approach" with the "Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio." Paul is a proponent of the ...

129R | Focused Work Ethic

Earlier this week, Liz from Chief Mom Officer explained how she leveraged her work ethic and will to succeed into a successful six-figure career. Today we dig deeper into the ...

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