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157R | The Compound Interest Of Self Improvement

After learning more about habits with James Clear this week, Brad and Jonathan discuss the compounding interest of self improvement and turning intention into action. What’s covered in today’s show: …

157 | Atomic Habits | James Clear

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits , shares his story. The conversation dives into the difference between systems and goals. How To See Through The Short-Term For The Long-Term The …

156R | Coming Back From A Gap Year

A gap year might seem unthinkable for some but Noah and Becky share exactly how they navigated their gap year. Plus, Brad and Jonathan discuss emergency funds and your risk …

156 | Retire Before Mom And Dad | Rob Berger

Rob Berger, founder of Dough Roller and Retire Before Mom and Dad, talks about the simple math of early retirement and more essential FI lessons that are important to talk …

155R | Year End Tax Planning

Sean Mullaney joins the show to discuss year-end tax planning. He goes into deductions, self-employment income, and how to get the most from your deductions. For more information, visit the …

155 | Boundaries As A Single Parent On The Path To FI | Leslie Tayne

Leslie Tayne opens up about her journey as a single parent, financial problems in her first marriage, and how to move forward from debt. For more information, visit the show …

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