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How to Retire Early and Confidently Using Real Estate Investing

Episode #97 - Do you have a plan to retire early? If so, how confident are you that it'll work? In this episode, Coach share three case studies of how …

Mr. Money Mustache on Purposeful Work & Life After Financial Independence

Episode #96 - Mr. Money Mustache (aka Pete Adeney) is the guy who retired at 30 to be a full-time parent and then inspire millions of others to ditch their …

My Annual Review - A Look Back at 2019 & Ahead to 2020

Episode #95 - Each year I perform an annual review to learn lessons from the past year and to set goals for the next year. In this episode, I give …

Should You Keep a Mortgage For the "Tax Benefits"

Episode #93 - It's not smart to pay off a mortgage, because you'll lose the tax benefits. Right? Wrong! This is like letting the tail wag the dog. Tax benefits …

How to Screen to Find the Best Tenants For Your Rental Using Cozy

Episode #93 - As a rental property owner, THE most important step you can take is attracting and keeping good tenants. But that all starts with learning about proper tenant …

How to Get Important Things Done Every Day - AM and PM Bookends

Episode #92 - Have you ever found yourself looking back at a day and saying to yourself “What happened?! I didn’t get ANYTHING done that I wanted to.” If so, …

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