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The Stoic Real Estate Investor - Ancient Wisdom For the Modern Economy

Episode #89 - -------------------------- 🙂If you want to support the show, here are some easy ways: 1) Leave an iTunes review: 2) Subscribe to my email newsletter at …

The Highest Goal (According to Aristotle & Maslow)

Episode #88 - You probably set goals for your finances, your career, and other parts of life. But what is the highest goal? What's the motivation that we all strive …

How to Find & Negotiate Seller Financing Real Estate Deals (Part 2)

Episode #87 - This is part 2 of 2 in a comprehensive series that explains how to buy real estate with seller financing (aka owner financing). In this episode, you'll …

How to Use Seller Financing (aka Owner Financing) to Buy Real Estate

Episode #86 - This is a comprehensive episode that explains how to buy real estate with seller financing (aka owner financing) and why it's a good idea. Instead of just …

Do You Need to Be Handy to Invest in Real Estate

Episode #85 - Real estate investing often involves fixing up properties, so does that mean you have to be handy to be a successful real estate investor? Coach Carson reveals …

The 35 Best Niches For Real Estate Investing

Episode #84 - Have you heard that riches are in niches? This is definitely true in real estate investing. So, this episode is a comprehensive guide with 35 real estate …

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