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How I Bought 33 Real Estate Deals in One Year - A Case Study

Episode #49 - Finding good real estate investment properties (i.e. deals) is one of the most challenging parts of the business. So in this episode, Chad shares in detail the ...

Ask Coach - How to Make Private Money Loans That Are Safe and Profitable

Episode #48 - Rental properties & flips aren't the only type of real estate investing. You can also loan the money to others and collect passive interest payments. In this ...

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take Exciting Risks in Life

Episode #47 - Sometimes the big changes in life - like a new career, a new business, or jumping into financial independence - are also the most scary. In today's ...

Ask Coach - How do you go about finding private money lenders?

Episode #46 - Private money lending is an alternative source of funding for your real estate investing deals. But how do you find someone willing to loan you private money? ...

The Top 10 Real Estate Investing Books For Beginners

Episode #45 - Reading books can make you rich. But you've got to read the right ones! This is my Top 10 list of recommended books for beginner real estate ...

Ask Coach - How to Handle Returning Security Deposits to Your Tenants

Episode #44 - Security deposits - how should landlords handle returning them to their tenants? This is a topic that can create a lot of stress and conflict on both ...

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