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EP 24: Ultimate Freedom w/ Steve Adcock @SteveOnSpeed

In this episode, I chat with Steve Adcock, who retired at 35 with less than $1 million. Steve is one of the twelve people featured in my book Financial Freedom, …

EP 23: Debt to Millionaire in 10 Years w/ Andy Hill @AndyHIllMKM

In this episode, I chat with Andy Hill, the host of the Marriage, Kids, and Money podcast about his 10-year journey from debt to millionaire in 10 years. We dive …

EP 22: Nothing To Lose w/ Vincent Pugliese

In this episode, I chat with Vincent Pugliese, author of Freelance to Freedom about the opportunities of this moment, overcoming our biggest hangups, and how to build a life you …

EP 21: Lightness of Being w/ Leisa Peterson @leislooski

In this episode, my good friend and author of The Mindful Millionaire, Leisa Peterson, and I reflect money, this moment, rootedness, and the lightness of being. We dive deep. I …

EP 20: Surprised by Joy w/ Chris Guillebeau @chrisguillebeau

In this episode, I chat with Chris about side hustles, entrepreneurship, uncertainty, writing, his new book The Money Tree, and finding the intersection of how you make money and what …

EP 19: How I Feel In This Moment (Solo Episode)

In this episode I reflect on 6 weeks in quarantine, not knowing what will happen and being open to this moment of change. I discuss the stock market, a great …

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