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EP 16: Mindful Money w/ Jay Kelley

In this episode I chat with my good friend Jay Kelley, the creator the Peak Money savings app, about his journey from overwork to living mindfully and the connection between ...

EP 15: Next Level Travel Rewards w/ Brian Kelly @ThePointsGuy

In this episode I chat with Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy, the OG travel rewards expert who's been dominating the space since 2009. No joke, he likely knows more ...

Ep 14: How to Retire Early & Travel Forever w/ Kristy & Bryce @Firecracker_Rev

In this special episode I chat with my friends Kristy and Bryce, the Authors of Quit Like A Millionaire and Creators of Millennial Revolution, about their new book, how to ...

EP 13: Is FIRE Already Dead? w/ Bob Lai @Tawcan

The FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Movement has exploded in the past year, gaining mainstream coverage, including a documentary, many new books, and a high profile debate with old school ...

EP 12: West Coast (Book Tour Reflections Month 1)

We're one month into the Financial Freedom Book Tour, with almost 50 events completed and over 4,500 miles driven, we finally made it to California! We've spoken at bookstores, high ...

EP 11: Heading Out (Book Tour Reflections Week 1)

On March 4th I kicked off the 3 month Financial Freedom book tour in NYC. I'm traveling with my friend Cody in my 1981 VW Camper van, visiting over 40 ...

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