Jonathan & Brad explore the world of Financial Independence. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate. How to pay off debt, Crush your grocery bill and travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with content and actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.

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Recent Episodes on ChooseFI

150 | Accountability | Diania Merriam

Diania Merriam discusses accountability, shifting perspectives, and community. She has a great perspective on building community and life with balance. For more information, visit the show notes at

149R | Whole Life Insurance

How to break Old Navy and cockamamie life insurance schemes are just two of the topics Brad and Jonathan cover in today's episode. For more information, visit the show notes …

149 | On Trajectory With Tyson Koska

Tyson Koska shares his On Trajectory tool and what led him to his own path of Financial Independence. Brad and Jonathan discuss how Tyson got started with FI and how …

148R | FI101 | Expense Ratios and House Hacking

Craig Curelop, author of The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom, shares his house hacking strategies. We also discuss Expense Ratios and the new …

148 | Struggle | The Psychology of Poverty with Andréa Motenko

Andréa has committed her life to social studies and taking FI information to people experiencing poverty. She grew up in a similar situation. At age seven, Andréa saw her first …

147R Contributions, Corrections and Criticisms

Compounding vs total return, envelopes vs simplifying your finances, and the potential value you could get from working with a “assets under management” financial advisor. Also, Tori Dunlap reached her …

147 | Negotiate Your Salary With Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap about starting a business as a kid and tips for negotiating your salary. She is on a mission to help women earn their first $100k. For more information, …

146R | Fork in the Road

This week’s Friday Roundup includes a discussion with Chuck Jaffe about why he can’t be part of the FIRE movement because he has no plans to retire. Also, a recap …

Bonus Episode - Guided Meditation for Stock Market Volatility With JL Collins

A Guided Meditation for When the Stock Market Is Dropping The market is plunging. You’re starting to panic. You want to hit the “sell” button! DON’T! Tune into this relaxing …

146 | Embrace The Suck With Shannyn Allan

Shannyn Allan joins us to discuss "embracing the suck"--when life just doesn't go as planned. Listen to Shannyn's stories about graduate school, calling off a wedding, and wire fraud during …

145R | Stuck

A discussion of what to do with a windfall, a review of turnkey real estate investing, and a meditation for stock market investors when the market is falling. For more …

145 | Turnkey Real Estate Investing and How to Build a Team With Paula Pant

Paula Pant of Afford Anything returns to dive deeper into real estate investing. In this second conversation, Paula covers turnkey, deal syndication, and building a team. For more information, visit …

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