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Not Your Typical Goals Update (Mid May) – Podcast Episode 034

Have you been crushing 2019? In this episode, Erik and Steph wind down the year with a candid chat about their wins, loses, highlights, and reflections of the first few …

Erik visited Steph. This was the outcome. – Podcast Episode 033

Meet and Greet Erik and Steph. This episode has no tips and tricks or advice, just a fun episode about Steph and Erik’s first meeting! Erik flew down to Nashville, …

How to YOLO Your Side Hustle Game with Dave from Wealthenial- Episode 032

How graduating during the recession taught this millennial to hustle. There is no sugar coating it, millennials are broke. We have the highest average student loan debt balance, and most …

Re-branding, Entrepreneurship, Building Communities and Networking to 100k at age 25 with Tori Dunlap – Episode 031

Learn how to launch a successful re-brand & network your way to $100k at 25 with Tori Dunlap. Tori Dunlap has taken the financial world by storm with her viral …

How to Crush Debt and Balance Fun, Life and Money with Refine My Money – Episode 30

Want to crush debt WITHOUT feeling deprived? We are SO, SO excited to have one of Steph’s biggest role models on the show this week. Refine My Money is a …

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First House – Episode 029

Ready to buy your first house? When the weather heats up, so does the housing market! Are you starting to save to buy your first home? Unsure if you should …

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