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Welcome to Financial Toolbelt

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I wanted to write up a quick post that welcomes you to Financial Toolbelt. I have been building the first set of tools for our initial launch and hope you get some use out of the site. We are working on new tools and more content and really appreciate you checking us out early.

Origin Story

Financial Toolbelt originally started out as a spreadsheet that progressively got more complicated. At the time, I was religiously reading /r/financialindepence and building my own spreadsheets to calculate my savings rate, time to retire, etc. After talking with some friends about my spreadsheets, they were interested but had trouble getting started. This is where the idea for Financial Toolbelt was started.

I noticed that there was a need for simple and easy to comprehend tools that spelled out exactly how your finances looked and small ways to build habits that could drastically improve your finances over time. The finance industry is loaded with confusing acronyms and people who want to keep things complex. I wanted to keep things simple and make tools that could help everyone from a beginner to advanced financial gurus.

Where we are today

Financial Toolbelt today is still very small. We are launching with 3 calculators that address some of the most confusing areas of personal finance: retirement, starting a side business, and credit card debt. We already have a couple more tools in the works and want to keep on growing. 

If you have any feedback or just want to drop us a line please don't hesitate to contact me at one of the following:

Once again, thanks for taking the time to poke around on our site. We hope you find it useful and can come back for any personal finance questions you have!